Fun Day for children with or without disabilities

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My name is Janina, I’m 24 years old, from Germany and volunteer since last year August at Side by Side – Early Intervention Center and I will stay until this year August. At the Centre I’m support the staff members during the daily routine, prepare together with my colleagues and the directors the parents trainings and create different activities and projects for the kids at the Centre. In Germany I was volunteering at the sports club and prepared several times Fun- and Activity Days for children. Out of this the idea I thought we could do that also with the children here.

FunDay_Plakat3-02-01On the 25th of June we want to organize a free “Fun Day” for children up to 10 years at the Zoo Park/Amphitheatre in the city centre of Windhoek. On this day all children with or without special needs are welcome to join us, so that we can be one community. We want to use this day as an awareness day to give this special needs children a voice, show the world what this children are able to and inform about the educational possibilities of special needs children in Namibia.

We are busy planning active stations the children can join to encourage their creativity, their senses and their gross, fine and mouth motor skills. Every child can win something in the end of the day at a big raffle. We will show pictures and movies from our centre, especially from our activities and events with our special needs children. In the end of the day we will present our centre with a big flashmob we are busy practicing with our children at the moment. Everybody will be invited to join, so that we can have all together a great end of this special day.

Beside of this activities we would like to sell little self made snacks for a small amount. The money what we will make out of it we will give directly back to the centre that so that we can cover our costs and support our children with healthy food. To make this snacks we need 200 Euro to invest.

A lot of costs like e.g. the venue of the Amphitheatre we could already cover with local sponsors. Unfurtiunetly not all – so we have to ask for help from our international friends and supporters. Please help us to create a wonderful day for our children and to create awareness for children with disabilities in Namibia. If you would like to donate, you can use one of our bank accounts as followed.:

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