I keep her in mind!

We are here already in the midst of preparing for Christmas, so Santa Claus do not forget us.

Hardworking decorate the children together with our teachers and volunteers. For 3 weeks, we have already the Christmas Topic where we playfully bring home to children the Christmas story. With books, music and games, the children should explore the playful Topic.

Some our children as Hilia, Jamie and Tuufilwa will leave us, because they are old enough for school. Fortunately, we got a school place for every 3 children. Hilia and Tuufilwa will go into Dagbreek School and Jamie in the Moreson. Both schools are the only schools here in Windhoek for Special needs children. Therefore, we are all the happier that have 3 get a school place all. We will visit them at regular intervals in the schools and see if they still need support from us. All 3 are already looking forward to the school and has been seen in recent months, as are all grown up and have become real “schoolchildren”. 🙂

Tuufiwla is unfortunately still our little problem child. After successful foot surgery and good recovery, we work a lot with her physiotherapy so that they get used to their “new” leg. And you can see she likes. She has now also get a new track which visibly helps her go. Tuufilwa is also very hardworking and the rail may already own and take off. 🙂

We are very proud of them! Sorry, we do not know whether it will really go to school. Side by Side has a school place for them organized into a “best” state schools Windhoek for children with disabilities. Unfortunately, the living situations has not really changed our little ones or by now already large Tuufilwa :).

Tuufilwa was last year, “taken away” in November her mother because her mother could no longer take care of Tuufilwa. Tuufilwa had nothing to eat for days and “fed” only with sugar water. She lived a few days with me and my Man, we gave her to eat, waschten them and prepared her a few nice days. We found quite quickly a place of safety for them, what was supposed to be only a temporary solution. Tuufilwa is to this day in this “home”. Your mother is unfortunately still not able they grow back and the home is not designed for Tuufilwas needs. Many people here know not how to deal with children with disabilities and unfortunately many will be interpreted as a miracle (wonder) and determined by God. Thus, we had the situation that Tuufilwa has not washed for days because she got her new track for the leg and the caregivers work there, have meant it was given by God this miracle and you should no longer decline, as they now yes could run and it has to be worn day and night. Thus Tuufilwa was not washed for days and could not get up alone to go to the bathroom at night. Therefore, you can imagine, I think, in what state Tuufilwa came into the Centre. She was placed with us for about half an hour in a bath, creamed and got new clothes.

All these things and more play in the life of this little people from. What this has to do everything with the school.? Good question, if Tuufilwa will remain in this home, she gets no way in the trade of us to go to school because there is no means of transport. Is she coming to her mom back it will end on the road and never be able to go to school.

Where is the government here? Still a good question! We are in constant contact with the social worker we called the last instance of the Ministery. Unfortunately, only with little success and zero interest. Nobody really interests them for their case. The Government has been informed that that child has a school place (waiting list for school places is 2-3 years) and that we have exhausted all our options and will need support from the government. Unfortunately, it may be possible that Tuufilwa will never go to school because we do not know where they will go. The response of the social worker was: “I keep her in mind.”

At this point we’re at, and so we have to end the year for Tuufilwa, of course, we hope for the best and will do everything possible so that this child must go to school. Unfortunately, our options have been exhausted and we have to wait.

Despite all this, spending Tuufilwa just the last beautiful days in the Centre and may again be a child!

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