Iyaloo got a school place

Iyaloo is 8 years old and suffers from CP (cerebral palsy). After waiting over years we finally got a school place for her.

Iyaloo lives with her mother and little sister Nelly (born February 2015) in a shack close by the centre. Iyaloo´s mother raises her children alone, she is a very responsable and a proud mother of two beautiful girls. Before Iyaloo came to our centre she went to another kindergarden. The people there did not treat her good. Iyaloo can speak but she needs time until the words are coming out, cognitiv Iyaloo understands everything.

Iyaloo is our motivator in the centre. She motiviations the other children to learn and to play. We are very proud to have Iylaoo in our centre. Iyaloo is already 8 years old and she also has to go to school. We just have 2 special schools in Windhoek and the waiting lists are very long. Most of the time you have to wait 2-3 years until you get a place. We got finally a place for Iyaloo.

Since Iyaloo cant take care of herself she needs a Nanny, who goes to school with her every day and helps her with eating, toilet etc. Otherwise Iyaloo will not get the school place.

Since her mother works in a supermarkt and just earns 2500 Namibian Dollar (around 180 Euros) per month for a full time job. And she does not get any support from her family and has to buy electricity and food for her and the children she cannot effort the cost of a Nanny and Transportation for Iyaloo.


We would like to help her with that because otherwise we do not know what will happen with Iyaloo. We do not want that she ends up in the shack again where she has to lie almost 8 hours on one place and wait until her mother comes back from work. With your help we are sure we can give her the opportunity of a better life.

The monthly costs of the Nanny are 2000 Nam Dollar per month (around 150 Euros) and 340 Nam Dollar for Transport (around 30 Euros).

With your help we can give a child a better future and the opportunity of education!

Iyaloo Pferd