Something private between.. :)

Hello my love!

This time I will write a more private contributions. Since I always get a lot of request like my life  is especially since the birth of my daughter.

How have so many of you noticed I’m beginning of this year to be exact in March, become mom of a  beautiful daughter. My husband and I are I think the proudest parents in the world. 🙂 Just you read that right, I’m married now. Last September my husband and I have married us. 🙂 We had a beautiful small wedding at the registry office Pöllau with the immediate family.

Our little daughter keeps us on Trapp 🙂 She was born in March in our hometown Windhoek. She is our glorious sunshine. Since she is 7 weeks old I am back at work. It changes a lot when you have a baby and of course varies even more when the child is having at work. Nevertheless, I totally enjoy it and am grateful for this opportunity. The work needs to be done, of course, continues to be, therefore, night shifts are currently being loaded. But as long as there is nothing worse 🙂 The support of my husband is also super and I can always count on him. Our little or as we call them “little monsters” is always there, like a handbag. 🙂

The Side by Side project makes still fun and my focus is currently in employee training and fundraising. Meanwhile there is the project already for 2.5 years and we have also become an employee, covering the daily routine.

Incidentally, I’m just trying a “Volunteeragentur” build. Since I see increasingly as volunteers are actually ripped off and how difficult it is now to find good projects.

I have some appropriated me the last years of knowledge and experience and know the needs of both volunteers and the needs of the projects. FlyInternship to all “volunteer tourism” counteract and support volunteers as well as projects. Dieting information there on

Furthermore, I am building for Side by Side is a prevention counseling on the subject of HIV / AIDS and alcohol during pregnancy.

Currently we are on home visit to Austria and visit grandma and grandpa. We enjoy spending time here and we are pleased very every time to get back to Austria. Nevertheless, I notice every time how much my heart is anchored in Namibia.

Home is always home but home is where the heart beats.