About Us

The association bears the name “BUTTERFLY-People Support People.” This concept was brought to life in 2011 and has resided in Styria since 15.11.2011.The goals of the association are directed toward developing countries, with non-profit aims in mind.

Why the name “BUTTERFLY”…

…when you look how a butterfly grows, it is a wonderful phenomenon. At first, the butterfly is just a small insignificant caterpillar that is ignored and that faces many obstacles. Before it can grow into a butterfly, it is a pupae in a cocoon. This cocoon protects the pupae so that it can grow. The cocoon, however, is not enough; it needs more. It needs time, the right climate, and a lot of other factors so that the pupae can grow properly. If all these criteria are fulfilled, the small insignificant animal can grow into a wonderful, incredible butterfly. Yet the importance does not lie in the manifestation of colors or the beauty of the butterfly. The importance lies in the amazing development of the wings and the ability of flight in this small creatur.The growth and flight of this butterfly is possible because of the support it receives from the light, sun, and food, but the will to survive must come from the butterfly alone. That is the reason why we will build this association. The BUTTERFLY shall support people so that they can stabilize their environment and can unfold their personalities.

The association will focus on charitable help and the development of self-help for the people involved through the support of their peers and the stabilization of the environment in which they reside. Prevention, information and education will be utilized to reach these goals.